CBSE Training Portal Free Registration 2023 Teachers Login, Certificate Download

CBSE training portal free registration 2023:- The Central Board of Secondary Education has launched a training portal for CBSE teachers, through which various types of training related to teaching will be given to teachers. And teachers will be able to develop their qualifications.

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Many types of training programs will be organized by the government on this portal, which teachers can complete and develop their teaching ability. But to avail the benefits of CBSE Portal Training Program all the teachers have to do CBSE Training Portal Free Registration.

After registration, all teachers will be able to get easy access to this portal and start online training. So, if you are also a CBSE teacher and want to do CBSE Training Portal Free Registration then stay with us till the end of this article. So, we will get complete information related to CBSE Training Registration 2023-2024.

What is CBSE Training Portal?

CBSE Training Portal is a one stop portal for professional development for CBSE teachers and other education professionals in India.

The portal offers various training programs, workshops and webinars for teachers on a wide range of topics including pedagogy curriculum, assessment and technology integration.

Both free and paid courses will be available to teachers on this portal, teachers can take whatever course they want to complete and register for it. Through this portal, 50 hours of training has been made mandatory for the teachers by the central government.

Out of which it has also been said that out of 50 hours, 25 hours of training will be given by CBSE experts and the remaining 25 hours of training will be given by the school by calling a trainer from a private company.

CBSE Training Portal Online Registration For Teachers 2023: Overview

Article NameCBSE Training Portal Registration, Certificate Download
Introduced byCentral Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
BeneficiariesTeachers of the Our Country
ObjectiveTo give training the teachers of the country
BenefitsTraining to the Teachers
Application ProcedureOnline
Official WebsiteClick Here

Objectives of CBSE Training Portal

The objectives of the CBSE Training Portal are as follows:

1. Delivering high-quality professional development to educators, school administrators, and other educational experts across India.

2. Assisting educational professionals in staying current with the latest trends in the field of education.

3. Equipping educational experts with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their respective roles.

4. Enhancing the overall quality of education throughout India.

5. Cultivating a more adept and knowledgeable workforce to contribute to India’s progress.

Training Programs Available on CBSE Training Portal







Important Instructions for Individual Participants Under CBSE Training Portal

Before login to CBSE Training Portal or before registering CBSE Training, we tell you about some important information mentioned on CBSE Portal, which is very important for you to know –

1. All Centers of Excellence (CoEs) across the country are using the CBSE training portal for their online training programs.

2. Anyone who wants to join these online training sessions can register, but they must do it through their school’s authorities. They can also register individually using their school credentials (same as LOC credentials).

3. You can’t register in any other way.

4. If you’re registering individually, you need to fill out a form on the training portal. The user ID and password you use for registration will also be used to get an E-certificate later.

5. Once you’ve successfully registered on the CBSE training portal, the relevant CoE will organize the online training session. You’ll receive an invitation link through email.

6. After the online training session is done, you can download your E-certificate from the CBSE training portal. Just follow the instructions provided.

How to do CBSE Training Portal Free Registration?

After getting all the necessary information about CBSE Training Portal and CBSE Training Program, let us now understand how to register for CBSE Training Portal Online Training and we will also provide you information related to downloading CBSE Training Portal Certificate.

Follow the steps given below to do CBSE training portal free registration :-

1. First of all, by clicking on the link given below, come to the official training website of the Central Board of Secondary Education. CBSE Training Portal official website

2. After coming to the website, you will see the option of Click Here to Register for Free Online Session on the home page itself, on which you will click.

3. Only after clicking, a new page will open in front of you, where many training programs and training sessions will be listed in front of you.

4. You can select any one training program of your choice from this list. In this list, you will see the date and time of the training, resource person, etc. all written. So that you can choose the right training according to your convenience and attend the training at the right time.

5. So, when you have selected your favorite training program, then you have to click on the Register button given right in front of that program.

6. As soon as you click on the register button, a popup will appear on your screen where you will have three options, so if you are already registered on the CBSE portal and you have ID – Password, then you will click on the option of Login for Existing Individual Participant And login to the portal.

7. But if you have not yet registered on this portal, then you have to click on the option of New Registration for Individual Participant.

8. After clicking on the option of New Registration, a registration form will open in front of you, which you have to fill completely.

9. In this form you have to fill your personal information, school related information and create user id and password.

10. After filling all the details carefully, click on the submit button.

11. After clicking, the option of confirmation and payment option will open in front of you in the next screen. Here you will have to pay a fee of only ₹ 2, for which you will click on Proceed to Make Payment.

12. After clicking, now you have to click again on the option of Click Here to Proceed for Online Payment. After clicking, you can pay this fee of ₹2 using any online payment option.

13. As soon as your online payment is successful, you will come back to the training portal and here you will see the fee status as confirmed.

14. The link to join the workshop will be sent to your email by the CoE (Center of Excellence) responsible for the workshop.

15. During the online session, the CoE will share an Attendance Link in the Chat Box. Pay attention and click the link to mark your attendance. This link won’t work after the session ends.

16. After checking who attended, the CoE will note your attendance on the CBSE portal. This will enable the feedback link on the CBSE training portal.

17. You can share your thoughts about the session on the CBSE training portal. Use the same login ID and password you created earlier.

18. Later, an E-certificate will be made on the CBSE Training portal. Log in to get the certificate for your records.

So, in this way you can also register on such training portal and get free training. You will also see some tree online training after login on this portal. If you want to do any paid training then you have to use the same process again.

How to Download E-Certificate on CBSE Training Portal?

As we have just come to know that after training you are also provided with a certificate through the portal. So let us now understand how you will download your CBSE Training portal e-certificate after training.

>> To download the CBSE Training Portal Certificate, first of all, click on the link given below and come to the training website of CBSE Central Board of Secondary Education.

>> After coming to the website, you will see the option of login as the home page itself, which you will select.

>> As soon as you select, many options will open in front of you, out of which you have to click on the option of Individual Participant.

>> On clicking, the Individual Participant Login page will open in front of you, where you will enter your User ID, Password and Security Pin and click on the Login button.

>> As soon as you click, you will be logged in to the CBSE portal and you will see the option to download the e-certificate in the dashboard of your portal itself.

>> If you have done more than one training session, then select the course for which you want to download the certificate app and the complete certificate of your course will appear in front of you.

>> Where you can easily download your certificate by clicking on the download button.

So, in this way you can do training session from CBSE Training Portal and get certificate as well.

CBSE Training Portal Contact details

If you do not receive the training session link on email or you are facing any problem while doing the training or you are unable to download the e-certificate. So, you can also contact the people of such training portal only and you will get complete information through them.

By clicking on the link given below, you will reach the Contact Us page of CBSE Training Portal, where you will see the number and email ID of many people. CBSE Portal Contact details

On which you can call and get the solution of your problem. Also, if you want, you can ask your questions by emailing them and you will get the solution to your problem.

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FAQ’s – CBSE Training Portal Registration, Login, Certificate Download, Contact details

Q. How do I register for CBSE online training?

Ans- The process of registering for CBSE online training is very easy. In this article we have explained the entire process of registration in detail.

Q. What is 50 hours teacher training CBSE?

Ans- CBSE 15 Hour Training Circular is a timing, as much as teachers have to give in their one training. It has been made mandatory by the CBSE board for teachers to give 50 hours to enhance their qualification.

Q. How can I create CBSE website account?

Ans- To create an account on the CBSE website, first of all visit the official website of CBSE and click on the option of New Registration. After clicking you have to fill the registration form completely and create your user id password and you can easily register on this portal.

Q. What is the training for principals in CBSE?

Ans- In fact, some training has been made mandatory for the Principals in the CBSE Training Portal, which includes the Principal’s Scheme for Growth Training. It is mandatory for all principals to do this.

Conclusion – CBSE training portal, CBSE portal training

In today’s article, we got information about CBSE Training Portal free registration. It is expected that through this you will now be able to easily register on the same training portal as well as join the free training session.

If you face any problem related to registration on CBSE training portal or related to joining training session or related to download certificate then in this article we have also given the contact details of CBSE training portal.

Through which you will be able to get solutions to your problems. If you liked this article then do share it with your other friends as well.

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